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Can I File Bankruptcy More Than Once?

Posted on : September 16, 2020
Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyer

The idea of declaring bankruptcy even once can be difficult for individuals and businesses, let alone the idea of declaring twice. However, it’s sometimes necessary to file bankruptcy twice or two different types of bankruptcy to get back on track financially. Here’s what you need to know about filing for bankruptcy more than once and […]

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Does Bankruptcy Discharge Every Debt?

Posted on : July 28, 2020
Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyer

Certain types of bankruptcy can allow you to discharge, or “write off” some kinds of debt. This means you liquidate any non-exempt assets you have to pay the debt and any portion left over is forgiven. It’s important to understand the difference between what types of debt can be discharged (and what types can’t) before […]

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What is the Chapter 7 Means Test?

Posted on : June 24, 2020
Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are considering filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tacoma, WA you may have read about the means test. What is the means test and how does it impact your ability to file for this type of bankruptcy? Here’s what you need to know. The Purpose of the Chapter 7 Means Test A […]

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What to Do When Medical Bills Take Over Your Life

Posted on : March 8, 2017
Tacoma Bankruptcy Lawyers

Today, healthcare in America is more expensive than ever before. Even individuals with good health insurance face thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. While well visits are unlikely to place an individual in debt, an illness or accident quickly exhausts any financial resources families set apart for medical care. If you’re facing […]

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Bankruptcy Quiz: Which Type is Right for You?

Posted on : January 15, 2017
Washington Bankruptcy Lawyers

Filing for bankruptcy is a big decision and determining the type of bankruptcy that would be most beneficial to you requires careful thought and examination. Take this simple quiz to learn more about which type of bankruptcy may be best for you. 1. Do You Owe a Lot of Secured Debt? Do you owe a […]

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